Why is The Boulevard project needed?

Traffic congestion on Firestone Boulevard often exceeds available capacity, making it difficult for motorists to travel to and from home, work, school, church, restaurants or other destinations without traffic delays. As the sole east-west arterial that spans the entire City of South Gate, Firestone Boulevard is heavily transited by residents and serves as a regional corridor for neighboring cities; sometimes exceeding 77,000 vehicles per day near the I-710 highway.

The Boulevard Project will address these challenges by increasing the overall number of lanes from four to six; synchronizing traffic signals; and adding landscaped and hardscaped raised medians.

What are the benefits of The Boulevard Project?

The are many benefits to The Boulevard Project.  The City of South Gate is set to improve one of the major gateways into the City by easing traffic circulation and increasing driver and pedestrian safety.  The project will increase the overall number of lanes from four to six on Firestone Boulevard between Alameda Street and Hunt Avenue as well as synchronize traffic signals and add landscaped and hardscaped raised medians along the corridor. Raised medians have demonstrated to be particularly effective at improving traffic movement in areas like Firestone Boulevard where there is a mixture of significant pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  

Where is the project located?

The project is located on Firestone Boulevard between Alameda Street and Annetta Avenue and Rayo Avenue to Firestone Place.

What is the anticipated project schedule?

Construction of the project began in February 2018 and is anticipated to take 15 months to complete.  Please remember, this is a short-term inconvenience for a long-term solution. In case of rain, construction may be postponed to the following day, weather permitting.  Work is scheduled to take place during daytime hours and will occur Monday through Friday, with occasional night and weekend work.

What impacts should I expect during construction?

During construction, you may experience traffic delays, temporary loss of street parking and construction noise. Parking impacts will be minimized by restricting parking primarily within construction zones.  If needed, there will be occasional No Parking/Tow Away zones; please adhere to all posted signs. Every effort will be made to minimize these inconveniences.  Please follow all traffic control signs, parking restrictions and occasional limited roadway accessibility.

Will there be closures and detours?

During construction, it will be necessary to close lanes on Firestone Boulevard.  While no more than one lane, in each direction, will be closed at a time, you may experience traffic congestion on Firestone Boulevard.  Please use Imperial Highway and Florence Avenue as alternate routes. More specific detours will be planned, as needed, and shared with the public.  There are no full street closures anticipated at this time.

Will emergency responders have access during construction?

Yes. During construction on Firestone Boulevard, emergency vehicles will be able to travel on Firestone Boulevard, as needed, to respond to police, fire and medical situations.  Emergency responders and transit operators are aware of the plans for construction and will be maintained abreast of all activity affecting the Firestone Boulevard corridor.

Will there be access to businesses during construction?

All businesses will be accessible during construction and it is recommended that residents continue to support local businesses. Please note, due to lanes closures and possible restricted parking, you may need extra time to arrive at your destination.

What can I do to stay safe during construction?

The safety of construction crews, motorists and pedestrians is South Gate’s top priority for The Boulevard project.  Please adhere to the following safety tips.

  • Slow down near the construction area and allow extra time to get to work, school or appointments. 
  • Remember to tell your friends or customers about construction activity and be extra careful when driving at night and in rainy weather. 
  • Drive safely, stay alert and always obey posted speed limits and driving.

How can I find out in advanced of any detours and closures?

Construction alerts are issued via email and posted on the project website ( to advise interested parties of scheduled construction activities and possible lane closures and detours. If impacts such as street closures, pile driving, noise, and/or night or weekend work is anticipated, construction alerts will be hand delivered to residents and businesses 300 feet from the construction location.  Electronic message boards also will be utilized to caution motorist as they approach construction zones.

How can I stay connected and sign up for construction alerts?

To learn more about the Boulevard Project or to register for construction alerts, please visit the project’s website at and sign-up on the “Contact Us” page.  Questions related to The Boulevard Project can also be directed to the helpline at (833) NEW-BLVD or emailed to

How will construction be completed?

Construction will be completed in segments, starting with Segment 1 and concluding with Segment 3.  For Segment 1, construction will begin with street improvements on the north side of Firestone Boulevard at California Avenue and move towards Alameda Street, then to the south side of Firestone Boulevard from Alameda Street to California Avenue.  Once improvements on Segment 1 are 90% complete, construction to will move to Segment 2.

Construction on Segment 2 will begin on the north side of Firestone Boulevard at Hunt Avenue to California Avenue then proceed to the south side of Firestone from California Avenue to Hunt Avenue. Once improvements on Segment 2 are 90% complete, construction to will move to Segment 3.

Construction on Segment 3 will begin on Rayo Avenue on the north side of Firestone Boulevard to Firestone Place then move to the south side of Firestone Boulevard from Firestone Place to Rayo Avenue.

How much will this project cost and how will it be funded?

The Boulevard Project is estimated to cost more than $20 million and is being funded by various funding sources. Of this amount, an estimated  $18.8 million is for the construction phase.  These funding sources are specific to the Firestone Boulevard Project and cannot be used for any other city projects. Below is a summary of the project budget by funding source.

  • Restricted Funds ($7,177,706) - Prop C Local Return ($3,500,000), Measure M Local Return ($2,000,000), Senate Bill 1 ($932,684), and City Funds ($745,022)
  • Grant Funds:  I-710  Measure R ($6,000,000), 2009 Call for Projects Grant ($7,071,322)