The Firestone Boulevard Regional Corridor Capacity Enhancement Project, known as The Boulevard Project, it set to change how we travel through the City of South Gate. The Boulevard Project is an exciting opportunity to provide congestion relief, increase driver and pedestrian safety and beautify the corridor.

As the sole east-west arterial that spans the entire City of South Gate, Firestone Boulevard is heavily transited by residents and serves as a regional corridor for neighboring cities. The Boulevard Project will address an array of challenges facing the Firestone Boulevard corridor, from Alameda Street to Annetta Avenue and from Rayo Avenue to Firestone Place.

The project will significantly enhance the Firestone Boulevard corridor by increasing the overall number of lanes from four to six; synchronizing traffic signals; adding landscaped and hardscaped raised medians; and adding aesthetically pleasing features. Construction of the project will begin January 2018 and take 15 months to complete.

The Boulevard Project has a cost of more than $16 million and is funded by local and state grants and restricted funds, including SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This funding source enables cities and counties to address significant maintenance, rehabilitation and safety needs on the local street and road system, such as Firestone Boulevard.


Congestion Relief: adding a lane in each direction; implementing traffic signal improvements

Safety: constructing landscaped and hardscaped raised medians; synchronizing traffic signals

Beautification: planting drought tolerant landscaping, mounting up-lighting and new street furniture including contemporary bus shelters, benches and public art